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MetaBrainz GSoC – Week 1

This year, I am participating in the Google Summer of Code under the banner of the MetaBrainz Foundation. My project is to implement improved support for collections in MusicBrainz, allowing users to have multiple collections, share their collections with other users, and have more power in interacting with their collections.

The first week of GSoC is over, so it’s time for a week-in-review. Accomplished this week:

  • After a bit of tooth-and-claw, got a working install of the current git version of the server
  • Dug into the documentation of and familiarized myself with Moose, the Template Toolkit, and Catalyst
  • Spent some time reading and comparing current collection code with bits from the rest of the server, to get a feel for how things work in MB

A bit of a slow start, but I feel that I now have a firm understanding of the internal structure of MusicBrainz and have a clear idea of what needs to be changed and how. Bearing that in mind, my goals for the next week:

  • Get a working implementation of multiple user collections
  • Allow for privacy settings on collections and discovery of other users’ collections
  • Get feedback on and smooth out UIs